Stirolab d.o.o. Material testing technology specializes in producing laboratory equipment for testing thermal insulation materials (EPS, XPS, MW, PUR, sandwich panels, vacuum panels, etc.) in accordance with EN, ISO and ASTM standards. The company was founded in 2008. Since then, our products have been sold to industrial, R&D and educational laboratories all over the world.

We offer complete solutions for industrial laboratories, R&D laboratories and quality control in production facilities. Our equipment incorporates ease-of-use philosophy and unified software, which allows our customers to set up optimized testing infrastructure quickly and ensure efficient workflow.

Our complete testing laboratories for EPS, XPS and sandwich panels encompass units for testing according to all relevant EN and ISO standards for each material. They include:

  • DST.100-Vibro Apparatus for testing acoustic properties (dynamic stiffness),
  • LM.PLUS 305/505 Heat Flow Meter for testing thermal properties,
  • UTE2020 Universal tester for EPS, XPS, PUR, etc. – combines the functions of ES.10, DST-100.Vibro and LM.PLUS 305,

All our apparatuses are PC supported with NI LabView-based software and have a combined database.

We also offer LM.PLUS 160-3S – a special Heat Flow Meter for Aerogels and Vacuum Insulation Panels developed in cooperation with VIP and Aerogel manufacturers to address their particular testing requirements and needs.

Our apparatuses can be adjusted to specific customer requirements.

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